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Birthing Classes

Taking a birthing class is wonderful, I can't say enough good things about trying to be as prepared as possible. This past week I went to a birthing class that was hosted at a local OB/GYN office. The host was nice enough to let me sit in on it, and give feedback.

I felt like the class was extremely informative and would be helpful for any birthing person, they go over birthing positions, comfort techniques and evidence based information. Many things we will cover in prenatal appointments, and implement at the birth.

Bringing your partner along to help absorb this material, (because let's be honest, during the transformation phase you won't remember the things you learned in class) having your partner there to remember things in class that you learned is a great tool to have.

The research shows having a non-family support person (a doula) is beneficial, and can help offer other ideas in the event your birth doesn't go the way you had planned- since we all know babies have their own agendas. Sometimes in those high pressure situations your significant other forgets their tools as well.

I want to point out that having a doula there allows for a calming person to hold space, and remind you of all the things you have learned previously, support emotionally and psychically and spiritually.

The class that I attended was by a highly qualified physical therapist trained in obstetrics, she offered great information about how to help the pelvis to work with you rather than against you in labor, and what positions are optimal rather than those that are not. If you'd like more information on this class, or how I can help assist you further with childbirth education, call, text or e-mail me anytime!

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