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What's a Sibling Doula?!

Have you ever heard of a sibling doula? Sibling doulas are great for helping families having a baby that already have children at home. A sibling doula helps to take care of your older children during labor, explain ( age appropriately) what is going on with mom.

Sibling doulas help provide emotional and physical support for older children during the labor of the new baby, we help to introduce the older children to the new child.

Prenatal: We meet your child(ren) before birth at around 36 weeks to get to know each other better. Parents can stay and join in on the fun or can go on a two hour date.

Labor: During labor I will come support your child(ren) emotionally and physically to understand that what is happening is okay, mom is safe and how adjusting may be.

Postpartum: After baby is born and the family has settled in at home I will come back to see how things are going between the children, and between the parents and older child(ren).

Having a sibling doula can eliminate some stress for the parents about their older child(ren)s well being during labor and have peace of mind that they know what is going on with mom.

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