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Taylor Bodell Birth Services has an exciting announcement to make!

We are offering a collaboration with Willow Richmond at Integrations Therapeutic Bodywork!

She is a Certified Consulting Hypnotist (CCH), Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), and Reiki III practitioner. She has a background in Social Work and Alternative Remedies and interest and experience in Natural Birthing. She is a Lansing small business owner in downtown Lansing. She will help women with back problems through out pregnancy, or if you just want a relaxing and safe massage during pregnancy. She has glowing reviews from many customers.


There has been a lot of research showing hypnosis can benefit mothers cope with pain in labor. If you want to be able to get through birth with out pain medication altogether or to help you along with medication such as an epidural, Willow is your lady! She will have you come into her office for an assessment to see how you personally respond to different techniques to see what fits best for you. The session will be recorded and given to you to listen to and practice through-out pregnancy. At a prenatal appointment with me we can go over it together and you and your partner can practice it as well.


Willow uses different techniques according to your specific needs, many mothers have pain in their sacrum, others in their ribs. She is available for one time support or continuous. A one size fits all approach isn't want we believe in here at Family Birth Services, and neither does Willow, she will make a massage plan that works best for all of your discomforts.

How we will be working together-

Willow and I will be collaborating our services by blogs and word of mouth. You can find my business cards at her office, I will be happy to refer my clients who are looking for this kind of support to her. In exchange for using both of our services a combined price will be added to save you some money! Wahoo!

Any individual questions for Willow please call her at (517)974-6205

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