Phone & Email Support                          Virtual Doula Package-$150

Our virtual doula package covers virtual support during pregnancy or postpartum such as email, texts, and calls. We can help answer questions, find you information and create a birth plan. Taylor Bodell Birth Services checks calls, texts and e-mails frequently. Our clients are encouraged to contact us at any time. We are here to support you on your journey, and help anyway possible.

Antenatal Services                                                         $25/hr

Baby Shower Planning


Newborn Laundry Prep

Nursery Prep


Nursery Checklist

Prenatal Yoga Classes .                                                  $10-25

Labor Doula

1-2 Prenatal Visits 

Part of our labor doula package, includes 1-2 visits before birth to really get to know you and your partner. We go over the wants, details, and fears you may have and what things will best help in the support of labor. If any information is desired we will do our best to help find credible resources. If you are interested in creating a birth plan we will create one during a prenatal visit as well. 

During labor 

It is important to us to help you achieve a supported birth. No matter what kind of birth you have, Taylor Bodell Birth Services is here to ease your journey. Every laboring person, and partner(s) can benefit from a doula. Relaxation techniques, position adjustments, simply holding space are some things we do to help ease your labor. Doulas provide continuous support in labor, you will be our only priority and a neutral person to help keep calm. We work for you!

Postpartum follow-up visit(s) 

Within the first 10 days after delivery, we will come to you and talk about your labor, help with the household in any way that we can and to help with any challenges you may be facing. We also have packages for additional postpartum hours to help settle you into your new routine. 

Miscarriage/ Stillbirth 

We can't begin to imagine the pain of these circumstances and wish to help in any way possible. We will support you, being present during the loss, physically or virtually and postpartum appointment(s) may be set up . Please contact me for any questions 

Miscarriage, still birth, and abortion services are always free but donations are appreciated to help cover the cost of childcare, gas etc. 

Taylor is a 200 certificated yoga instructor, teaching many different classes including chair yoga, prenatal yoga, couples yoga, strength and balance, restorative, and kids yoga.


Class price differs depending on what class you take, where the class is at and the duration of the class as some classes run as a "series" 

Please message me for more details on this, but we want everyone interested in yoga to have access to it so we do our best to make it affordable.

Placenta Prints                                                            $40

After birth, if you so choose we can take your placenta to take prints of it, using the blood on it, your choice of color(s) and/or different designs. 


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