Birth Service Pricing

Virtual Doula:                          $150

Antepartum Doula:                 $25/hour

Birth Plan Prep:                       $50 

Labor Doula:                            $850 

Postpartum Doula:                  $25/hour 

Labor and Postpartum:          $1150 (inc. 15 hours)

Labor and Yoga:                      $950 (inc. 5 in home sessions 1v1)

Labor, Postpartum, Yoga:       $1250 (inc. 15 hours PP, 5 1v1 yoga)

Bereavement Doula:               Donations Welcome

Placenta Prints:                        $40

Yoga Classes:                           Varies in price


(Refer to Services/Yoga page for more detailed yoga pricing)

*We offer payment plan options and the use of your HSA, please contact us for any questions.

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