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About Taylor Bodell

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My Story

Hi! I am married, and have two children. After finding out about the arrival of our second child, my husband and I began doing research. We educated ourselves about how to have the experience we desired with our next child. Luckily, we had extra support the second time around and I was empowered my entire labor, techniques on how to control my pain and different options to help ease my mind and body. This incredible experience is what led me to the world of becoming a doula. I want to give every laboring person the support they truly deserve and desire. I have attended hospital births, home births, complicated and uncomplicated births. I have done day and night postpartum care for days, weeks, and even months for families.  


I want all people to feel supported and safe. It is my goal to empower my clients as well as help guide them into their future in whatever way they find is the best for them. My care is individualized to each family based on their specific needs.

I have become a certified labor and bereavement doula through Stillbirthday, and am also a bereavement doula through PAIL Advocates. I have also completed the birth doula DONA training workshop, which also has childbirth education and lactation for doulas. I have also completed my training as a yoga instructor which included 200 hours of training, as well as a certificate specific to prenatal yoga. I teach private in home lessons. I am currently also teaching one on one childbirth education, and small groups. I am certified at Birth Arts International for childbirth education. I have loved photography for as long as I can remember and I finally have been able to bring the two things I love together. I provide birth photography and fresh 48 photos. In addition, I provide placenta encapsulation for anyone interested in the wonderful benefits that come from ingesting your placenta. 

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