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Let's talk about the unheard of- miscarriage and stillbirth.

The loss of a child is an unimaginable experience, that no one should ever endure but is a dark reality for many. After someone I knew experienced the loss of her child, I was introduced to another world I never thought or heard much about. After being a part of her journey I realized this is something I need to know more about.

After the loss of a child, there is so much healing that needs to be done and it can take many different paths and some heal at different rates than others. I'm getting ahead of myself though, often times a miscarriage comes out of nowhere and is unexpected and other times an ultrasound confirms a miscarriage is coming and there are many routes you can take in regards to how the process happens. Letting your body naturally let the baby pass can be a difficult thing but may feel best to you. Often times doctors don't prepare families for what is going to happen and this can cause a disturbing awakening, having a doula there can help to explain what things may happen and what to do, hold your hand through it, and what to do afterwards.

In the case of a procedure, or induction of labor for a stillbirth or miscarriage a doula can also accompany you to ease your discomfort, talk you through it and again just support you in any way possible. Having someone with you can help for both parents and allow support in talking to family or others when you are unable. No one should have to go through this alone and we will be there before during and after to help you navigate a new normal.

Taylor Bodell Birth Services is currently working for miscarriage and stillbirth clients for no cost to you, to help ease the financial burden and still allow the support you deserve. Donations are always welcome, and can be dedicated to your choice of charity or towards the building of my business to help keep these services free to families who can benefit from it.

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