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"I couldn't have done it without you, you kept her so calm

and focused. There was just a calmness, it was worth every penny."
-Mother of Lexis

"It couldn't have went better, and I am so glad you were there."


"As a physical therapist who specializes in obstetrics, I highly recommend Taylor!! She’s awesome!"

-Dr. Karen Litos


"Taylor was my virtual doula since I moved away from Michigan. She was extremely helpful. She even helped me find a doula in my area. Though I now had a doula in my state I still kept her around because she was knowledgeable and did all that she could. If I didnt speak with her in like 2 weeks she always checked on me. Having a doula was very much helpful because as a first time mom I didnt know what to expect or what to do and they helped me very much in making sure I was prepared for my baby boy!"



My husband and I met Taylor maybe 9 weeks before our daughter was born and from the interview I instantly knew she would be my doula for my first born. She gave me a secure feeling that she would make sure I had the dream birth I wanted! And would support me through it all. And sure enough she did! But the reason I highly recommend Taylor is because even though my birth plan took a slight change she MADE SURE it was what I wanted. And when that was clear she was on board and still provided me that secure feeling and made sure as a first time young mother I wasn’t getting trampled by my doctors and nurses with their views on how my labor should go. 
I also highly recommend Taylor because she provided comfort and massages throughout my whole labor! Which was amazing especially since I had horrible back labor. I was at ease. I felt powerful and felt on top of the world. While pushing she made sure I remembered to give it my all. Taylor by far is the doula you WANT. I strongly can say because of having Taylor by my side I will forever love my birth story and want to brag about it to anyone about who my doula was and how she helped provide me the birth I wanted AND still be there after labor. I have been able to still contact Taylor about any question and still have her support or advice. We still can’t be anymore appreciative of Taylor.



"We met Taylor about six weeks before our daughter was born, through our midwife (we planned for a home birth). A few weeks before the birth we met with Taylor at our

home and she went over LOTS of helpful information with us. During the "home" part

of the birth it was great to have an extra

set of hands to apply counter pressure

snap a few pictures and do other things, especially as labor went long into the night

and my husband needed a bit of sleep.

When things didn't go as planned and we decided to transfer to the hospital, Taylor

was a big help in getting things ready

(I had failed to pack a hospital bag) and getting us out the door faster. After our

baby was born, she took the first pictures

of us as a family. I was concerned

beforehand that the labor and delivery

pictures would feature lots of unflattering

body parts, but Taylor took great care to

make sure that they were modest and

tasteful. I'm so thankful she captured

some of those moments for us." 


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"We could not have been better supported, I 
really enjoyed the massages Taylor provided 
and help in keeping me calm and comfortable,
even when plans changed Taylor was always
there to comfort and help guide us. If we have
another baby, it will be Taylor without a doubt."



"I felt the most beneficial part of having a doula was that Taylor helped me get as far as I could without an epidural (as that was my wish), helping me after the birth and having someone to talk to and ask question's throughout pregnancy and postpartum."


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All photos posted in the testimonials section were taken by Taylor Bodell Birth Services and posted with permission from all parties. It is a privilege to share in these families sacred moments, please do not share these images. 

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